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Executive Director Innovation & Growth at Simplot Australia Pty Ltd

July 6, 2015, ANGELINE worked with Ralph but at different companies

Ralph in his role as National President of the AIP was my first go to when we looked at developing the Master of Food Innovation and Packaging. Ralph’s extensive experience in packaging strongly grounded in commercial outcomes has helped steer the development of the packaging curriculum. Ralph was able to bring not only his experience and knowledge and of the AIP’s vast experience in teaching packaging to the industry. Through Ralph’s leadership, it is very exciting that we have been able to develop a course for industry by industry and most importantly delivered by AIP. The packaging aspect of the course is particularly critical and it is an area the AIP has been developing across the food industry for years.

Ralph, thank you for your continued support and taking a proactive leadership step in supporting the future talent pipeline for the Australian food industry. 

Brendon Holmes
Managing Director

Caps & Closures

Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle

When it comes to industry know-how relating to packaging standards, industry specifications and designs, Caps and Closures choose Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle.

Packaging Solutions provide Caps and Closures with group training sessions and action plans for the Australian Packaging Covenant, which provide a roadmap for design thinking and sustainable manufacturing practices. With the assistance of Packaging Solutions, Caps and Closures has implemented processes for production efficiencies and waste management.

We would recommend Ralph Moyle to any organisation considering lean manufacturing practices. The company’s slogan, more value – less waste has been adopted by Caps and Closures throughout the entire organisation.

Keith Govias
National Health & Safety Manager

When we first started on our risk management project, it felt hard to communicate our Project brief to Packaging specialists; in order to ensure that there was clear understanding and agreement on scope. 

Working together with Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle was a positive experience.  Ralph really listened to us during the briefing session and his valuable insight ensured that we tightened and improved the overall scope for a best practice outcome.

Ralph brings a wealth of experience and a practical, solutions-focused mindset which delivers for his clients.  I would happily recommend him to any new client and am thankful for his assistance in helping us deal with some complex manual handling risk reduction through practical and operationally friendly solutions.

Mark Ainsworth

Senior Packaging Manager
Patties Foods Pty Ltd

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ralph Moyle from Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle Pty.Ltd.

I have known Ralph for the last year and a half. During this time, Ralph provided contracting services to my employer.

In particular Ralph was engaged to provide Expert Packaging Technical Support in the areas of:

  • Australian Packaging Convent submission
  • Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) guidelines
  • Visiting & assessing multiple manufacturing sites
  • Identifying opportunities from improvement, efficiency gain and waste minimisation
  • Developing action plans & formal submissions to the Australian Packaging Convent
  • Reviewing existing packaging formats, recommending more efficient designs & new materials

Stewart Jackson

Asia PAC Technical Packaging Manager

GSK Consumer Healthcare.

It was a pleasure to work with Ralph. He is always willing to step in and help whenever needed

I felt Ralph was an excellent resource to call on, when help was needed to booster a project & meet strict deadlines.

Based on Ralph’s expertise & professionalism, I would recommend him for any Packaging related project in the future

GSK Consumer Health ANZ has engaged Packaging Solutions over 8 years or more. The diverse experience offered by Ralph Moyle made our selection choice very easy.

We first engaged Ralph to independently assess the cause of broken glass bottles within our supply chain. His forensic examinations along with his wealth of supply chain knowledge assisted enormously to significantly reduce this quality defect

The confidence and relationship we developed through Ralph’s management of this project, led to further engagements with SRP leadership and implementation across our range of products including many produced by sister sites world-wide.

The ever-changing world of the Australian Packaging Covenant has also seen Ralph as a source of information, guidance and facilitation with GSK’s strategic planning to meet our Covenant obligations.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Packaging Solutions to assist with your future Packaging projects.

Nerida Kelton MAIP

Executive Director Australian Institute of Packaging

May 31, 2018, Ralph worked with Nerida in the same group

I have worked with Ralph for many years on a broad range of projects within the packaging industry and more specifically through his involvement in the Australian Institute of Packaging. Ralph has contributed to the greater packaging industry not only as a part of the AIP but also through so many other initiatives. He gives his time and more importantly his packaging knowledge and expertise to anyone who needs a helping hand and nothing is too much trouble. I find Ralph an absolute pleasure to work with and he is always prepared to help, guide and Mentor those around him. He is an asset to the AIP and to the wider packaging industry.

Jack Holden

Sustainability Manager, Fonterra Australia

September 3, 2018, Jack was a client of Ralph’s

Packaging Technical Development and Innovation

Fonterra Australia really appreciated Ralph’s expertise and collaborative approach in a recent sustainable packaging project. We found Ralph to be both efficient and flexible and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

George Ganzenmuller

Packaging Technical Development and Innovation| Market Development| Packaging & Materials Training| Award Winning Packaging Designs|

May 31, 2018, Ralph worked with George in the same group

I have known Ralph for well over a decade and have worked with him in a wide variety of projects delivering not only packaging innovation but also enhancements to the broader field of packaging technology. We first met when he was the Packaging Manager at Golden Circle where he led a team managing a diverse range of packaging formats, delivering proactive change through the early days of shelf ready packaging and constantly improving solutions to meet new technology and marketing opportunities. In subsequent years, Ralph immersed himself in the Australian Institute of Packaging in several key roles where he has made significant contributions to helping other packaging technologists improve their skills and advancing packaging technology through sharing his expertise and passion for our industry. 

Jeremy Kavnoudias
Managing Director
PGA Laminating Pty. Ltd.        

Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle has been assisting us with the implementation of our APCO action plan and to better understand our APCO obligations. Ralph is an experienced packaging professional and well respected within the packaging industry. We would highly recommend packaging solutions with Ralph Moyle. He is a pleasure to work with, adds value to our business and is available to support us when required. Keep up the great work Ralph and we look forward to the next workshop. 

The Team at PGA Laminating Pty. Ltd.

Stacey Adams

Quality Services Manager at Ridley

February 28, 2018, Stacey was a client of Ralph’s

I worked with Ralph on our APC report for 2017. Ralph’s knowledge and enthusiasm was fantastic. Educating myself and colleagues, as well as helping us look at the questions critically and source data and evidence for each section of the report. I look forward to working with Ralph

Joseph Montgomery

Supply Chain Manager

Boston Scientific

Today we are live with new packaging. With a new supplier, much more proactive with design and testing.

Since Ralph and I first put a band aid on it – Increase the strength immediately, and reverse the flute on sticks, we have seen a 30-40% reduction in scrapped goods due to damage.

We now have a new supplier, and the packaging attached is even stronger, with internal structure on the back edge to strengthen it. My boss jumped on the pizza boxes which were historically the weakest, and it took the pain. No damage.

Heather Harrison
Managing Director

E  |  W

As a new signatory to APCO we engaged with Ralph to assist us in creating our first Action Plan.

Ralph’s breadth of knowledge and practical industry experience was very helpful in starting us on the journey. Our teams understanding of packaging and sustainability objectives has been enhanced through Ralph’s personable and engaging style. We are certainly now better placed to make appropriate business decisions for the immediate and longer term with sustainability objectives in mind.

I would highly recommend Packaging Solutions with Ralph Moyle as a business partner.

Heather and Warwick

Stacey Adams

Quality Services Manager 

Ridley Agriproducts

We engaged Ralph to assist with our APC report and to train our team members in what is needed. Ralph was extremely easy to work with, he guided us to find the information and empowered us to write to the report in a valuable way. He also offered a number of suggestions on how our business could make changes to improve our sustainability. I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone looking for assistance in this space.

Chris Moffat

Quality Control Co-ordinator / Product Developer

Working alongside Ralph Moyle from Packaging solutions has allowed us to move seamlessly and easily into our APCO requirements. Ralphs ability to frame our company obligations in a way that suits our company needs, are meaningful and invaluable. Ralph not only has a vast knowledge and experience in packaging medians, but he is also reliable and able to engage and share information which goes above and beyond the scope. He works with great respect and his attention to detail on each project is appreciated.