Shelf Ready Packaging

Ralph Moyle is an experienced packaging consultant with an extensive knowledge in the manufacturing industry.

Through a unique range of senior management experiences in Packaging, Operations, Technical and Quality Assurance in both large and medium FMCG businesses, Ralph brings increased value to a business through the value of smarter packaging at less waste.
Ralph is a co-writer of the AFGC Retail Ready Packaging: A Focus on Shelf ready Packaging –  An Industry Toolkit. He also led Shelf Ready packaging transition projects since 2004 with large and medium FMCG food and Pharmaceutical companies.

The first of these projects was to move all Golden Circle cartons/shippers to Shelf Ready formats to meet the demands of the two main retailers in 2004, 2005 and 2006. The outcome of this project was a leading program in Australia at the time. These formats are still in use today. This program led to a reduction in the number of carton variants from >550 to < 150 providing further inventory and storage savings. This program enhanced a B2B program with procurement.

The second major project was for Fonterra moving across all dairy categories, converting their ranges to Shelf Ready. Main brands being Western Star butters, Mainland cheeses and Ski Yogurts. Total number of changes being >350 SKUs.

The third major project was for GSK – Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceuticals. Major brands – Panadol, Sensodyne, Polident, Nicabate, Biotene and Breathe Rite. Again, this was not only a technical packaging role but also the project lead across the GSK business. This constitutes approximately 175 SKUs. The end result was industry leading designs and acknowledgement from Woolworths that these designs were best in class.

There have been a number of smaller scale projects across various industry categories.

Ralph has been invited to speak at various industry conferences for the AFGC, AIP , APPMA, AIFST, Thai Industry, New Zealand Food Industry and others on the topic of Shelf Ready packaging.