Packaging Design

Ralph’s packaging knowledge has resulted in successful contemporary designs and material selections, improved shelf life, lower material costs, shorter supply chains and environmentally-friendly selections that have provided greater economic value to his customers.

Designed, implemented, trialled and validated a range of 4 new glass jars for a major FMCG manufacturer. This resulted in an average glass weight reduction of 9%, reduced closure costs, significantly improved handling and opening qualities. These will be launched in 2016.

Led numerous projects in Shelf Ready packaging transition projects since 2004 with large and medium FMCG food and Pharmaceutical companies.

Led a project team to introduce a range of PET long life juice bottles that met both Marketing and Operational KPIs of timely introduction, improved market share, higher line speeds and lower yield losses. After 3 months, sales exceeded forecast. After 5 years, these bottles are now an industry standard.

Led a project to provide contemporary glass and cap designs. Objectives were met with a new supplier with a reduced set-up costs and reduced supply chain delivery, lower unit costs, lower operational yield losses and reduced consumer complaints.

Led a project to move all Golden Circle cartons/shippers to Shelf Ready formats to meet the demands of the two main retailers in 2004, 2005 and 2006. The outcome of this project was a leading program in Australia at the time. These formats are still in use today.

Implemented a program of down- gauging of cartons and rationalisation of carton board grades. This was supported by a program to reduce the number of carton variants from >550 to < 150 providing further inventory and storage savings. This program enhanced a B2B program with procurement.

Overall Winner “Best Action Plan” and Category Winner “Best Beverage Packaging Action Award” at the inaugural Packaging Magazine Evolution Awards in 2006. The Packaging Magazine Evolution Awards were initiated to recognise and reward brand owners’ excellence in packaging waste management under the Australian Packaging Covenant. These annual awards have gained significant industry recognition for the standard they set.